NISO Plus 2021 has ended
NISO Plus 2021 is going to be a global virtual event, happening literally around the world February 22-25, 2021. Building on the wonderful response to NISO Plus 2020, we’re bringing the same quality of content and conversation to this born-digital event, with dozens of amazing speakers and keynotes from across the globe. Scheduled to maximize attendance from as many timezones as possible, there will be things for you to see and do around the clock if you wish...or, pick and choose to make the experience perfect for your interests.

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Jason Priem

Our Research
Vancouver Canada

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Jason Priem is a cofounder of Our Research, the nonprofit behind Unpaywall and the Unsub data dashboard. As an Information Science PhD student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Jason helped create the field of altmetrics--coining the term, authoring the influential Altmetrics Manifesto, and convening the first altmetrics workshops. He holds a BA in history and MEd in education, both from the University of Florida.

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Monday, February 22

10:30am EST

11:00am EST

1:30pm EST

6:30pm EST

Tuesday, February 23

10:00am EST

2:00pm EST

6:30pm EST

Wednesday, February 24

11:30am EST

1:00pm EST

1:30pm EST

2:45pm EST

8:00pm EST

9:30pm EST

Thursday, February 25

1:00pm EST

2:00pm EST

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