NISO Plus 2021 has ended
NISO Plus 2021 is going to be a global virtual event, happening literally around the world February 22-25, 2021. Building on the wonderful response to NISO Plus 2020, we’re bringing the same quality of content and conversation to this born-digital event, with dozens of amazing speakers and keynotes from across the globe. Scheduled to maximize attendance from as many timezones as possible, there will be things for you to see and do around the clock if you wish...or, pick and choose to make the experience perfect for your interests.

avatar for John Dove

John Dove

Paloma & Associates
avatar for Christina Drummond

Christina Drummond

Educopia Institute
Data Trust Program Officer

Yüksel Duman

Modern Language Assn
Senior index editor
avatar for Jennifer Duncan

Jennifer Duncan

Utah State University - Merrill-Cazier Library
Head of Special Collections & Archives
avatar for Martin Dunlap

Martin Dunlap

West Virginia University Libraries
Engineering Librarian
avatar for David Durden

David Durden

University of Maryland, College Park
Data Services Librarian
avatar for Rory Elliott

Rory Elliott

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Program Manager 2
avatar for Michelle Emanuel

Michelle Emanuel

University of Mississippi
Head of Metadata and Digital Initiatives
avatar for Christina Emery

Christina Emery

Springer Nature Ltd
Senior marketing manager, open access books
avatar for Jill Emery

Jill Emery

Portland State University
Collection Development & Management Librarian
avatar for Marina Englesakis

Marina Englesakis

Information Specialist
avatar for James English

James English

Product Development Strategist
avatar for Jim Entwood

Jim Entwood

Cornell University
arXiv Operations Manager

Elif Eryilmaz-Sigwarth

Springer Nature
IT Product Manager
avatar for Lola Estelle

Lola Estelle

Specialist, Library and Discovery Relations
avatar for Ms Lorraine Estelle

Ms Lorraine Estelle

Project Director
avatar for Cynthia Etkin

Cynthia Etkin

U.S. Government Publishing Office
Sr. Program Planning Specialist (Librarian)
avatar for Gwen Evans

Gwen Evans

VP Global Library Relations
avatar for Jenny Evans

Jenny Evans

University of Westminster
Research Environment and Scholarly Comms Lead

Holly Falk-Krzesinski

Vice President, Research Intelligence
avatar for Sharon Farnel

Sharon Farnel

University of Alberta Library
Head, Metadata Strategies
avatar for Emily Farrell

Emily Farrell

MIT Press
Library Partnerships & Sales Lead
avatar for Celeste Feather

Celeste Feather

Sr Dir for Content and Schol Comm Initiatives
avatar for John Felts

John Felts

Kimbel Library - Coastal Carolina University
Head of Library Technology and Systems
avatar for Katrina Fenlon

Katrina Fenlon

University of Maryland College of Information Studies
Assistant Professor
avatar for Amanda Ferrante

Amanda Ferrante

EBSCO Information Services
Product Manager, Authentication Solutions

Angelica Ferria

University of Rhode Island Library
Curator, Media Resource Center
avatar for Heather Flanagan

Heather Flanagan

Program Director
avatar for Joann Fogleson

Joann Fogleson

American Society of Civil Engineers
Director, Publishing Technology
avatar for Jason Folkman

Jason Folkman

Utah State University - Merrill-Cazier Library
Electronic Resources Acquisition Assistant
avatar for Dace I.  Freivalds

Dace I. Freivalds

Penn State University
Interim Associate Dean For Strategic Technologies
avatar for Jason Friedman

Jason Friedman

Senior Manager, Heritage Services

Nicholas Frota

Senior UI Designer
avatar for Jeff Froustet

Jeff Froustet

American Society of Civil Engineers
Assistant Manager, Metadata Solutions
avatar for Christine Fruin

Christine Fruin

Scholarly Communication and Digital Projects Manager
avatar for Kathryn Funk

Kathryn Funk

US National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health
Technical Information Specialist
avatar for Franny Gaede

Franny Gaede

University of Oregon
Director, Digital Scholarship Services
avatar for Nicole Gampe

Nicole Gampe

Penn State University
IT Manager, Faculty Activity Management Services
avatar for Emma Ganley

Emma Ganley

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Joerg Geiger

Universitaetsklinikum Wuerzburg
Head of Fluids Biobank
avatar for Donna Gibson

Donna Gibson

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Executive Director, Library Services

Nick Gittins

Utah State University
OER Coordinator
avatar for Justin Gonder

Justin Gonder

California Digital Library
Senior Product Manager, Publishing

diane goodman

Project MUSE
digital marketing specialist
avatar for Maria Gould

Maria Gould

California Digital Library
Product Manager
avatar for Kimberly Graham

Kimberly Graham

National Information Standards Organization
Office Manager

Greg Grazevich

Modern Language Association of America
Associate Director, Bibliographic Information Services
avatar for Josh Greenberg

Josh Greenberg

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Program Director
avatar for Jason Griffey

Jason Griffey

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Leigh Grinstead

Program Leader, Catalyst Fund
avatar for Beth Guay

Beth Guay

University of Maryland Libraries
Continuing Resources Librarian
avatar for Jenifer Guinn, MSc.

Jenifer Guinn, MSc.

American Psychological Association
Journal Content Coordinator
avatar for Ana Van Gulick

Ana Van Gulick

Government and Funder Lead

Mike Gunn

Project MUSE
avatar for Robin Gustafson

Robin Gustafson

University of California, Davis
Head: Access and Delivery Services
avatar for Michael Habib

Michael Habib

Product Director
avatar for Rogan Hamby

Rogan Hamby

Equinox Open Library Initiative
Data Analyst

Katharine Hancox

Content Development Manager
avatar for Stephanie Lovegrove Hansen

Stephanie Lovegrove Hansen

Senior Marketing Manager
avatar for Ian Harmon

Ian Harmon

West Virginia University Libraries
Scholarly Communications Librarian

Kate Harto

Publisher Content Coordinator
avatar for Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey

Bank of Canada
Senior Metadata Librarian
avatar for Donald Hawkins

Donald Hawkins

The Charleston Group, LLC
avatar for Kazuhiro Hayashi

Kazuhiro Hayashi

National Institute of Science and Technology Policy
avatar for Gabriele Hayden

Gabriele Hayden

University of Oregon Libraries
Research Data Mgmt & Reproducibility Librarian
avatar for Robert Heaton

Robert Heaton

Utah State University - Merrill-Cazier Library
Collection Management Librarian
avatar for Hannah Heckner

Hannah Heckner

Product Strategist
avatar for Anne Hedrich

Anne Hedrich

Utah State University - Merrill-Cazier Library
Science and Engineering Reference and Instruction
avatar for Ginny Hendricks

Ginny Hendricks

Community Director
avatar for Ana Heredia

Ana Heredia

Engagement Lead
avatar for Christian Herzog

Christian Herzog

Digital Science / Dimensions
CEO Dimensions
avatar for Bruce Heterick

Bruce Heterick

SVP, Open Collections and Infrastructure
avatar for Lisa Hinchliffe

Lisa Hinchliffe

University of Illinois, Urbana
Professor/ Coordinator for Information Literacy Services and...

Kayleigh Hinckley

EBSCO Information Services
Systems Specialist
avatar for Sandy Hirsh

Sandy Hirsh

San Jose State University
Associate Dean for Academics
avatar for David Hodges

David Hodges

Columbia University
Special Collections Analyst
avatar for Athena Hoeppner

Athena Hoeppner

University of Central Florida
Discovery Services Librarian
avatar for Alex Holcombe

Alex Holcombe

University of Sydney
avatar for Marian Hollingsworth

Marian Hollingsworth

Director, Editorial Relations

Carol Hoover

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Digital Information Resources Manager
avatar for Claudia Horning

Claudia Horning

Director, Metadata Services
avatar for Stephen Howe

Stephen Howe

Copyright Clearance Center
Senior Product Manager
avatar for Iain Hrynaszkiewicz

Iain Hrynaszkiewicz

Director, Open Research Solutions

Diana Huaman

The World Bank Group Library
avatar for Stephanie Hudner

Stephanie Hudner

Northeastern University
Assistant Head, Resource and Discovery Services

Janette Hudson

The University of Manchester
Cataloguing Operations Manager
avatar for Jamie Hutchins

Jamie Hutchins

Director Open Access Innovation
avatar for Ian M Ibbotson

Ian M Ibbotson

Knowledge Integration Ltd

Charlotte Innerd

Wilfrid Laurier University
Head, Collection Development and Acquisitions

Lina Janenaite

The World Bank Group Library
IT Analyst
avatar for Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company
Provider Relations Engagement Manager
avatar for Erin Johnson

Erin Johnson

Western Libraries
Metadata Management Librarian
avatar for Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

Director, Content Partnerships
avatar for Qiana Johnson

Qiana Johnson

Northwestern University Libraries
Interim AUL for Collections Strategies
avatar for Leslie Johnston

Leslie Johnston

National Archives
Director of Digital Preservation
avatar for Allen Jones

Allen Jones

The New School
Director, Digital Library & Technical Services
avatar for Andrew Joseph

Andrew Joseph

Wits University Press
Digital Publisher
avatar for Heather Joseph

Heather Joseph

Executive Director
avatar for Kathryn Kaiser

Kathryn Kaiser

University of Alabama @ Birmingham
Assistant Professor
avatar for Laurie Kaplan

Laurie Kaplan

Sr. Manager Content Operations
avatar for Tyrica Terry Kapral

Tyrica Terry Kapral

University of Pittsburgh
Humanities Data Librarian

Christy Karpinski

Digital Projects Coordinator
avatar for Daniel S. Katz

Daniel S. Katz

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Chief Scientist, NCSA

Teressa Keenan

University of Montana Mansfield Library
Head, Bibliographic Management Services
avatar for Nathan Kelber

Nathan Kelber

Community Engagement Lead

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